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CSS JQuery

How to add CSS class with Jquery

In web development, jQuery serves as a powerful tool for manipulating HTML elements, including the addition of CSS classes dynamically. This functionality enables developers to alter styles and enhance the appearance of elements based on user interactions or specific events. Let’s explore how to add CSS classes using jQuery.

Adding CSS Classes with jQuery

1. Using addClass() Method

jQuery’s addClass() method allows you to add one or more CSS classes to selected elements:

// Add a single CSS class to an element

// Add multiple CSS classes to an element
$('#myElement').addClass('highlightedText bold');

2. Conditional Class Addition

Add classes conditionally based on user interactions or events:

// Conditionally add a class on button click
$('#myButton').click(function() {

// Add a class if a certain condition is met
if (conditionIsTrue) {

3. Toggle Class

Toggle between adding and removing a class using toggleClass():

// Toggle a class on button click
$('#toggleButton').click(function() {

Considerations When Adding CSS Classes

  • Performance Impact: Be mindful of excessive class additions that might impact performance.
  • CSS Specificity: Ensure added classes do not override existing styles unintentionally.
  • Removing Classes: Use removeClass() to remove classes when no longer needed.


Incorporating jQuery’s addClass() and toggleClass() methods into web development allows for dynamic manipulation of CSS classes, enabling developers to adjust styles and appearance on-the-fly based on user interactions or specific events.

By leveraging these jQuery methods, developers can enhance user experiences by providing visually appealing and interactive elements within web applications. Incorporate these techniques judiciously to add, toggle, or conditionally apply CSS classes and effortlessly manage the visual aspects of your web projects.

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