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Angular Javascript

How to modify and update data table row in Angular 6

In Angular 6 applications, modifying and updating data table rows involves handling the data model, implementing user interactions, and updating the view dynamically. Let’s dive into the steps required to achieve this functionality within your Angular 6 project. Setting Up the Angular Project Ensure you have an Angular 6 project set up and a data […]


How to create a new route in Angular

In Angular applications, routing plays a pivotal role in navigating users across different views or components within a single-page application (SPA). Establishing new routes enables seamless transitions between various sections of the application. Let’s delve into the process of creating a new route in Angular to facilitate smooth navigation. Setting Up Routes in Angular 1. […]


How to create dynamic route in Angular

Dynamic routing in Angular empowers developers to handle varying data and navigate users to specific content or components based on dynamic parameters. Leveraging route parameters enables the creation of flexible and adaptable routes within an Angular application. Let’s explore the process of creating dynamic routes in Angular for versatile navigation. Setting Up Dynamic Routes 1. […]

Angular CSS

How to add CSS class on click in Angular

In Angular applications, dynamically adding CSS classes on user interaction, such as a click event, offers a way to enhance visual feedback and interactivity. This functionality allows for seamless changes in styling based on user actions. Let’s explore how to implement this feature within an Angular application. Implementing Dynamic CSS Class Addition on Click 1. […]


How to format date in Angular 12

In Angular 12 applications, formatting dates is a common requirement for presenting dates in various formats within the user interface. Angular provides a powerful tool called DatePipe that facilitates the transformation of date objects into different formats. Let’s explore how to format dates effectively in Angular 12. Using DatePipe for Date Formatting 1. Import DatePipe […]