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Next JS

How to use JWT authentication with Nextjs

JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication is a popular method for securing web applications by issuing tokens for user authentication. Integrating JWT authentication within a Next.js application ensures secure access to protected routes. Let’s explore how to implement JWT authentication in a Next.js project. Setting Up JWT Authentication 1. Install Required Packages Use packages like jsonwebtoken […]


Mastering Text Alignment: How to Justify Text with CSS

Text justification in CSS is a styling technique used to create clean and organized text layouts, enhancing readability and aesthetics. By aligning text to both the left and right margins, the content appears balanced and visually appealing. Let’s explore how to implement text justification using CSS. Using CSS Properties for Text Justification 1. text-align Property […]


How to format date in Angular 12

In Angular 12 applications, formatting dates is a common requirement for presenting dates in various formats within the user interface. Angular provides a powerful tool called DatePipe that facilitates the transformation of date objects into different formats. Let’s explore how to format dates effectively in Angular 12. Using DatePipe for Date Formatting 1. Import DatePipe […]


How to check window scroll position with JQuery

In web development, monitoring the window scroll position is crucial for implementing various interactive and dynamic features on a webpage. jQuery simplifies this process, allowing developers to efficiently track and respond to user scroll actions. Let’s explore how to check the window scroll position using jQuery. Checking Window Scroll Position with jQuery 1. Using $(window).scroll() […]